The Delivery Diaries

19. Amplify Black Voices

June 03, 2020 Vanessa Knagg
The Delivery Diaries
19. Amplify Black Voices
Show Notes

This weeks episode is going to be a bit different. With everything going on in our country I thought it would be best to skip a story this week and give some information on women of color. I’ll also list resources where you can get more information from women of color in the birthing community. Before diving deep into the birthing world a couple years ago, I had no idea that:

  • Black women are three to four times more likely to experience a pregnancy-related death than white women. 
  • Black women experience more maternal health complications than white women.
  • Black women receive a lower quality of care than white women.
  • Black women are more likely to experience preventable maternal death compared with white women.

Now I encourage you to check out these organizations to listen to and further educate yourself:

Birth Stories in Color Podcast- or @birthstoriesincolor on Instagram

Birthing Justice- or @birthingjustice on Instagram

Midwife Nikki Knowles- or @nikknowlesmidwife on Instagram

Health in Her Hue- or @healthinherhue on Instagram

MommiNation- or @mommination on Instagram

Southern Birth Justice- or @southerbirthjustice on Instagram

Black Mamas Matter Alliance- or @blackmamsmatter on Instagram

Those are just a handful of great resources from black women in the birthing community.