The Delivery Diaries

31. Victorious & Redemptive VBA2C with Sharina

December 09, 2020
The Delivery Diaries
31. Victorious & Redemptive VBA2C with Sharina
Show Notes

I have several announcements on this weeks episode!

First, I have signed up a Patreon account where you can pledge your support for The Delivery Diaries. Anything you can pledge would be greatly appreciated... you can consider it like buying my a cup of coffee :) Your support will help keep the podcast up and going and help with production cost. Check out the fun benefits you get when you pledge your support at 

Second, I have completed my advanced doula training for VBACs with the amazing VBAC link! 

Last but not least... I'm excited to announce I have joined a Doula group here in Dallas called DFW Birth Resource. You can check out the website and my bio at If you or anyone you know is looking for a Doula you can contact me through my bio on the website.

Now for our amazing birth story today:
Sharina shares her vaginal birth after 2 cesareans and her journey to get there. She searched high and low for her perfect provider and didn't start care with her midwife until later in her pregnancy. Sharina was better informed and knew her options which lead to a victorious and redemptive VBA2C. Sharina and I had so much fun on this episode with great tips that you don't want to miss.

You can connect with Sharina on Instagram @iamsharinasmith and Facebook @sharinasmith

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